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What’s The Difference Between Rap Music and Hip Hop?What’s The Difference Between Rap Music and Hip Hop?

Hip Hop Gospel

The world of Rap Music has changed considerably compared to its humble urban origins. Rap has seemingly lost its intimate connection with HipHop even though people from all walks of life are hipping and hopping to the art form. But WAIT! I thought rap and hip hop were the same thing?! Some Uninformed Music Lover […]...

Why You Should Have Bought an E-ProductWhy You Should Have Bought an E-Product

Are we talking about electronic gadgets here or some obscure component for your computer? Neither, we are actually talking about products that can be delivered by electronic means (e-products), but how can a product be delivered through a tiny wire with surging currents of electricity flowing through it? This is where the magic of the […]...