Why You Should Have Bought an E-Product

Are we talking about electronic gadgets here or some obscure component for your computer? Neither, we are actually talking about products that can be delivered by electronic means (e-products), but how can a product be delivered through a tiny wire with surging currents of electricity flowing through it? This is where the magic of the internet comes in.

As you know, the internet is just a made-up world(virtual world) where you can get information on any subject and connect with others around the globe in a matter of seconds, thus the name: the information superhighway.

This information is organized within different web pages by programming lines of code that resemble a sort of mathematical-type language. This language directs the electronic signals streaming throughout your pc to display on a monitor whatever the programmer programmed it to display.

Now you get to see whatever a web page programmer or web master -as we are now called- wants you to see. You literally have billions to choose from and search engines tend to make that choosing a little easier.

If you save or download anything you view in order to see it later such as:

  • Web pages displaying words from a book on your favorite subject(known as e-books)
  • Anything in video or audio format
  • or Any program that further enhances your computer/web-related experiences in any way
  • and You paid a monetary price for it…

…you just purchased an e-product.

Ultimately, since this is merely information in a different format it can be called an info-product. However, the format itself is really mathematical by nature and was originally expressed as numerical digits before being translated into words we can understand. This enables us to call it digital products.

So E-products, Info-products, and Digital products all mean the same thing.

E-products generally make some area of your life more efficient and because of the downloading effect your purchase comes instantaneously and you usually get up to 60 days for a refund.

Even if you buy a physical product online, you will still have to wait a few days/weeks for it to arrive.

Consider the following scenario:

  • You drive to your favorite store which requires expensive ozone-destroying gas
  • You desperately circle the lot for a parking spot
  • Exhaustively walk around for hours trying to find what you want
  • Wait -also for hours- in a checkout line just to pay for the item
  • Again, maneuver through the crowded parking lot
  • To finally making it home to enjoy your purchase only to to be disappointed in it and then having to go through even more drama to get a refund?

You should have just stayed at home, turned on your computer, and purchased an e-product, drama NOT included!

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